Budget Crunch Software

Useful Website Development Software Downloads and Links
Last Updated 8/26/2016

  1. Notepad++ coding utility free download
  2. FileZilla FTP tool free download
  3. Xenu's Link Sleuth web development software free download
  4. Tidy for HTML 5 free download
  5. GUI for TIDY Windows and Linux free download
  6. CSE HTML Validator for Windows free download
  7. Free CSS Toolbox free download
  8. Build your Site Map online free
  9. Use Google's free Mobile-Friendly Test to see if your webpage is mobile phone friendly
  10. IPNetInfo Internet IP tool free download
  11. Lookup Internet IP addresses online free
  12. Paint.NET imaging editing software free download
  13. Serif PhotoPlus Starter Edition free download
  14. Create a favicon online free
  15. Windows Movie Maker free download
  16. AWStats website traffic statistical analyzer free download
  17. GeoLite Free Downloadable Databases for optional use with AWStats

Note: GUI for TIDY windows calls the CSE HTML Validator for Windows as its HTML Validator, so if you download GUI for TIDY, also download CSE HTML Validator for Windows.

Most Commonly Used Web browsers You Should Test Your Website With

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer free download
  2. Apple Safari free download
  3. Mozilla Firefox free download
  4. Google Chrome free download

Most Common Search Engines You Want To Index Your Website

  1. Google
  2. Microsoft Bing
  3. Yahoo!

Note: It will take about one month just to get the home page indexed on these three search engines and about six months to get fully indexed on all search engines.